Differential Gauge

Inline Pressure Gauge


Differential Pressure gauge

With magnetic Piston & Compression spring

Accuracy class 2%
Nominal size: 80mm
Nominal size: 115mm


PG.DIFF.80 (Universal)

PG.DIFF.115 (Universal)


This Differential measuring instrument with a magnetic piston takes the conditions experienced in use into full consideration and meet the demands set in the gas, water, and air supply sectors. 

This measuring instrument are suitable for liquid and gaseous media. 

The High and Low pressures are separated by a sensor assembly consisting of a magnet, piston, Teflon seal, and a range spring. The difference in pressure causes the sensor assembly to move in proportion to the change against a range spring.

A rotary magnet, located in a separate body compartment and isolated from the acting pressures, is rotated by magnetic coupling as per the linear movement of the sensor assembly. A pointer attached to the rotary magnet indicates differential pressure on the dial. 


  • Simple and compact design
  • Easy to read dial gauge eliminate accumilated errors of two gauge installations. 
  • Over pressure safe from either side to maximize working pressure
  • High operating pressure up to 200 bar
  • Differential range upto 10 bar
  • Wide applications in air, gas and liquid media. 


  • Filters
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Water treatment plants
  • Natural gas processing
  • Chemical plants
  • Valve and pump monitoring



HIRLEK PRECISION Brand (Universal) 

80mm & 115mm