About Us

ESBT had the honor to serve the Saudi industry for more than 30 years. We covered different sectors such as petrochemical, HVAC, buildings, universities, farms, medical fields, transportation and laboratories ever since 1991.   

ESBT is specialized for selling and stocking all kinds of measuring instruments. We provide our services through our branches located in Riyadh, Dammam, Khobar, and Jeddah Cities. With today’s ever-growing application of highly advanced technologies on all industrial fields, the reality of true quality and system reliability has become one of the most valuable factors in the operation and maintenance of sophisticated Industrial and Process Plants. Major plants go for ISO to comply with the international quality standards given and controlled by ISO professional staff. Then, it becomes vital to maintain calibration and keep records for each instrument you are using. ESBT offers its service in doing regular checking for all kinds of Pressure Gauges, Thermometers, Water Meters, Scales, Thermocouples, and other instruments located in the site. 

ESBT stocks complete range of pressure gauges, thermometers, water meters, scales, pumps, fuel tester, detectors, and too many other instruments.

ESBT developed and diversified its products and services over the years to keep pace with the requirements of the industries. ESBT has deployed its resources to provide an integral range of products and services aiming at serving several industrial fields such as oil refineries, Desalination Plants, Chemical Plants, Dairy products, Cement factories, HVAC and other industrial plants.

ESBT is a specialized instrument Establishment, selling high quality products and provide installation services and calibration in all over the Kingdom.     

ESBT Agencies and Main Suppliers

ESBT represent several brands in the Saudi market. Manometer Preiss and Tec-sis Group Companies are main suppliers for our heavy duty and long life gauges supplied from German origins.

ESBT distribute too many other products from other sources, such as Brannan & Sons from England, TFA-Dostmann, Empeo, Weiss thermometers from U.S.A., Zenner water meters Germany, Mercer for pressure Relief valves U.S.A., Metra blansco, Pakkens, Hisco, Afriso Euro-Index for level indicators -Germany.

ESBT Main Supplies, Tenders and Maintenance Jobs 

– ESBT has done Subcontract for Electromechanical work with Al Alawi

  Contracting Co for Rawdha M01 project.

– ESBT supplied all gauges, thermometers and valves for AL-Faisaliah Center  

  Project constructed by Saudi Binladin Group.

– ESBT Supplied all gauges, thermometers and valves for Kingdom center project in


– Supply Installation and maintenance of level indicators and instruments for

   Ministry of Interior.

– SWCC direct imports of gauges and industrial thermometers  

– Aramco installation of digital level meters for controlling the level at a distance.

– Ministry of Defense installation of digital level meters for monitoring and

   controlling the level of Diesel at a distance.

– Supplying all thermocouples for Al-Amoudi Group who are in charge of Saudi

  Airline maintenance in Jeddah airport.

–  American Engineering Company, supplying gauges and thermometers.

–  Al-Mojeel Group who is main contractors for supplying instruments materials to

   Basic companies. Supplied Pressure Relief valves, Gauges, industrial

   thermometers, valves.

– Impergillo, for supplying gauges and industrial thermometers.

– Saudi Oger, supplied all gauges and thermometers in Mena.

– Zamil Plastic, doing calibration for gauges and thermometers

– Consolidated Contractor Co., Calibrating gauges and thermometers  

– Amiantit Group, supplying gauges and doing calibration

– Al-Obaid Contracting, supplying and calibrating gauges and thermometers

– Abdullah Hashim Gas. Co., supplying gauges and thermometers

– Saudi Cement, supplying and calibrating gauges and thermometers

– Saudi Technit, supplying and calibrating gauges and thermometers

– Saudi Steel Pipe Co,. Supply gauges and thermometers  

– M.I.C., supplying and calibrating gauges and thermometers

– Yamama Saudi Cement Co., supplying gauges, thermometers and water meters

– Al-Hussani Co., supplying and calibrating gauges and thermometers

– M.S. Al-Suwadi, supplying gauges and thermometers

ESBT Mission

Customers have the top priority and giving special attention to serve him at the right time and to provide different options of stocked items at highest possible quality of products and keep providing technical advises from a well trained staff.

Scope of Work

Supply all instruments related to the field of measurements such as Gauges, Dial Thermometers, Industrial Thermometers, Pressure relief valves, Water meters, Flow Meters, Level meters, Room thermometers, temperature controller, Thermocouple, leak detector, Gas detector and others.

Provide complete calibration services and repair for Gauges, thermometers, thermocouple, scales, relief valves and maintain data sheets for keeping records for each instrument in the site, regular checking and expire date monitoring.

Calibration, troubleshooting and re-establishment of all types of auto control loops, P.L.C. control loops, C.A.C. control loops, Electrical control panel, Water treatment plants automation and instrumentation, Steam Boiler automation and instrumentation, re-establishment of Fire Protection Systems.

Troubleshooting and faultfinding of instrumentation and control system of power plants.

Repair and calibration of motorized control valves, Solenoid Control Valves, Hydraulic operated valve-sand self actuated valves.

Repair and calibrate all types and kinds of Auto-control valves and valves positioners (Pneumatic and Electronic types).  

Repair and calibrate Gas analyzers, temperature recorders, Humidity indicators.

ESBT Laboratory

ESBT Laboratory is registered with ARAMCO registration No. DB-6400-01 .

The laboratory equipped with a modern styled testers that have digital pressure calibrators for accuracy of 0.05% at full capacity and test gauges of 0.1% accuracy. Also, laboratory is equipped by two Dry block temperature calibrators that have the capability to measure temperature ranges from -20oC up to 650oC with 0.1% accuracy.

Also, we have full capability to test pressure relief valves, temperature controllers and too many other instruments.   

Laboratory Procedures

Several groups of instructions related to the implementation of international standards for ISO/IEC Guide 25 and EN45001 is given, checked, monitored and controlled by SASO. These instructions are procedures contain all of the requirements that testing and calibration have to meet in order to obtain optimal results at each phase of the calibration process.

ESBT Laboratory sets out specific conditions, policies and standards which should be applied in order to comply with the requirements of the International Standard.

Other Services

Laboratory has the capability to provide mobile test equipment that helps in making test results at the site if it is necessary.

Doing calibration with ESBT laboratory is an excellent decision, we provide door to door services and we always finish the job with a positive sentiment.