Precision Test Gauge



Precision Test gauge DN 160, Accuracy ±0.25%

Stainless Steel Case with mirror dial and fine micrometer pointer

Accuracy class 0.25%
Nominal size: 160mm


PG.LR.0.25.TST (Germany)


This test gauge is accurate to within ± 0.25% full scale on either rising or falling pressure. When accuracy and sensitivity are critical parameters in measurement, this gauge is the ideal selection of use; in this gauge accuracy is obtained through the selection of the highest quality components and a specially designed movement.  It is used where accuracy and repeatability are of prime importance in labs and sensitive applications that apply gaseous or liquid media which do not have high viscosity or do not crystalize. 

This type of certified gauge guarantee traceability to the national and international primary master of pressure instruments.  

The ultra high pressure gauge program covers range of 0-2500 bar. Dials in psi is also available.

The measuring element is a helical bourdon tube with a concentric shape. The solid front between measuring system and dial are part of the safety features of the ultra high pressure gauges. 

This gauge has a knife-edge pointer in conjunction with the mirror dial band that are seen the reflection of the pointer on the mirror dial to eliminate the two different points to obtain the optimal test results.   


  • Measuring system of high corrosion – resistant materials.
  • SS Corrosion resistant
  • Rugged construction
  • Fulfills highest safety requirements
  • Solid front between measuring system and dial
  • Protection: IP 65 EN 60 529/IEC 529
  • Dial Diameters: 160mm
  • Available Ranges: Single reading in bar and psi
  • Accuracy Class:  ± 0.25%
  • Case: Stainless Steel
  • Socket Material: ST. ST. AISI 316L
  • Window: Safety glass
  • Connection Type: SS 316
  • Connection Size: 1/2 NPT
  • Ambient Temperature: -25 to +60°C
  • Medium Temperature: Tmin -20 to Tmax 100°C


  • High pressure test benches
  • Burst test benches
  • Liquid jet cutting equipment



Tecsis/LR Brand (Germany)