Pneumatic Comparator


Pneumatic Comparator

Pressure or Vacuum


P.RI.COM.4100-140P (China)


This type of air pressure comparator is a light design that can generate both pressure and vacuum. It can be used to calibrate pressure-measuring instruments by comparing the readings between a reference instrument and the tested instrument.  


  • Easy to operate
  • Air working media
  • The F-Adjust valve could accomplish 0.1mbar pressure resolution
  • The shut-off valve can staballize the calibration value
  • The improved design of reserve valve makes the switch of vacuum and positive pressure smoothly
  • Fast reaction, 3-4 push to reach desired pressure
  • Pressure reaches upto +140 bar
  • Vacuum reaches upto -0.95 bar


  • Laboratories
  • Workshops


RITherm Brand (China)