Bimetal Thermometer

Stainless Steel

Bimetal Thermometers​

Stainless Steel Case

Accuracy class 1.5% or 2.0%

Nominal size: 100mm


TH.ST.BTM (Lower)

TH.ST.BAK (Rear)

TH.ST.MVB (Adjustable)


HS-Hisco (Korea)

BR-Brannan (England)



This type of thermometer is used to measure and indicate the temperature of a specific application or condition. Also known as bimetallic dial thermometer, it is installed at the point where measurement is crucial for monitoring. 

This type of thermometer is available in different stem lengths to allow the sensor react consistently to temperature change to produce an accurately calibrated temperature measurement. The sensing element of the thermometer consists of two dissimilar metals that are cold-welded together in a form of a coil and encased into a stainless steel stem. This coil is directly connected to a dial pointer on the instrument face.

The dial pointer moves with the effect of expansion or contraction of the coil that is being formed by the temperature change reflected from the stem. 

These thermometers can be equipped with SS316 thermowells for applications where the process media is corrosive or contained under pressure. The thermowell prevents any damage that could be caused to the thermometer. 


  • General & industrial applications
  • Bimetallic sensing element
  • Short response time
  • Available in dual readings (Celsius & Fahrenheit)
  • Available in lower, rear, and adjustable angle connection mounting
  • Wide selection of temperature ranges 
  • Wide selection of stem lengths
  •  Accreditations:
    • Brannan: ASME B40.200
    • Hisco: KOLAS (ILAC-MRA)
  • Accuracy class available in 1.5% and 2.0%
  • Available option for reset/recalibration screw
  • Thermowell option available for thermometer protection against high process media pressure or corrosion. 


  • HVAC
  • Machine construction
  • Container and pipe construction
  • Building services
  • Boilers
  • Heaters
  • Chillers
  • Machine and plant engineering
  • Gas, Oil or Water
  • Laundry
  • Storage Trucks
  • Tanks



Hisco (Korea)

Lower Connection

Rear Connection

Brannan (England)

Lower Connection

Rear Connection

Adjustable Angle

RiTherm (China)

Lower Connection

Rear Connection