Preasure Gauges

Dry Type

Standard, Carbon Steel Case
Brass Internal

Pressure gauge Filled with glycerin Brannan Brand

Fillable Type

Glycerin Filled
St.St Body, Brass Internal

All St Type

Glycerin Filled
Complete St.St

Phenolic Type

Corrosion Resistant
For Severe Conditions

Fire Sprinkler Sys.

UL Certified & FM Approved
Pressure Gauge

Contractor Gauge

HVAC, Plumbing, Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration

Heavy Duty PG

0.5% Acc. Stainless Steel
Movement w/Back Flange

Test Gauge

High Accuracy Pressure
Measurement (0.25%)

Contact Gauge

Double Contact PG
Brass Internal or All St.

Pressure Transmitter

60 psi, 160 psi, 250 psi, 350 psi,
-1-0-15 bar, 4-20mA

Wika Pressure Switch PSM-520

Pressure Switch

7 bar, 9 bar, 12 bar, 15 bar
220V - 500V

Digital Gauge

High Accuracy Digital
Pressure Gauge

Oxygen & Nitrogen

Pressure Gauge for O or N

Combined Gauge

Pressure and Temperature

Tire Gauge

Tire Gauge with control

Oil Pressure (Car)

Car Pressure Gauge

Manifold Set

Used to stabalize refrigerators or cooling systems

Injector Tester

Measures pressure in compressing

Welding & Cutting

Portable Outfit

Compression Test Kit

Test Kit

Fuel Injection Test Kit

Test Kit